Doing Business With Hartlepool Council

Hartlepool Borough Council provides many opportunities for businesses wishing to supply their goods and services through the awarding of contracts for specific works. Every year, around £50 million is spent on a wide range of goods, materials, agency staff, services or works.

We welcome tenders from both new and established businesses. Although contracts are open to tenders from businesses throughout the UK, the Council encourages local businesses to explore whether they are in a position to supply goods and services to it.

Selling to Hartlepool Borough Council Further information including the Hartlepool Borough Council's Procurement and e-Procurement Strategy, a List of Contracts with the Council, the Select Tenderers List held by the Council and Selling to Hartlepool Borough Council - A Guide for Suppliers & Contractors can be accessed on the Council's website. A Guide for Suppliers & Contractors North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) Hartlepool Borough Council is a member of North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) a Local Government Purchasing and Contracting Consortium. NEPO negotiates a huge range of contracts on behalf of its members across the North East.

You can register your interest in NEPO contracts online on their website. Once you have done this you would then be able to access details of tender opportunities available through the Consortium. North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO)